Loving Arms NICU Baby Sleep Positioning PillowNICU Baby Sleep Positioner Pillow

The Loving Arms NICU Baby Sleep Positioner Pillow was created to comfort newborn infants with reflux, colic, or NAS babies. Infants have comfort with being held with arms wrapped around them. This comforting positioning pillow device “re-creates” the baby feeling as though it is being held, but goes one step further with the option of vibration for more comfort. Loving Arms aides the baby in getting more rest and deep sleep as it soothes the infant. Loving Arms can be used while the infant is swaddled in a thin blanket or can be used without a blanket. The infant can be put to sleep or held while using.

Medically, for the reflux baby, the goal is to get them calm enough to be able to rest and be comforted. The reflux baby cries a lot due to the being uncomfortable from the “burning” of reflux. Loving Arms Baby Sleep Positioner Pillow can be offered for those infants and the vibration option as well, for an additional comfort measure. Nurses and parents may hold the baby and offer a pacifier if they wish until the baby falls asleep, or the baby can be put down to get some rest in the Loving Arms baby positioning pillow. Babies have also been observed going right to sleep with Loving Arms without the need of being held.

The drug withdrawal infant is inconsolable most of the time. Loving Arms Baby Sleep Positioner Pillow can be offered to these infants as a comfort measure. Infants are comforted by Loving Arms and the vibration it offers. The goal for NAS babies is to get them into their dark, quiet room for rest and Loving Arms allows the nurses to do so. This baby positioning pillow allows the baby to rest more, be more comfortable, thus enabling babies to eat better, grow, and neurologically develop better.

  • Swaddles infant that is fussy and inconsolable
  • Soft material decreases the chance of excoriation
  • Vibrating motion soothes infant to rest between feedings
  • Decreases nurses time in holding infant so she/he may move onto other aspects of duties
  • Allows very irritable infant to get much-needed rest
  • The infant is still able to reach hands for non-nutritive sucking
  • Good alignment of the infant in any position
  • Washable and made of flame retardant materials
  • Provides comfort
  • Patented

Notice: Sold only to qualified hospital NICU departments. Sale not permitted to the general public.

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