NICU Baby ID braceletInfant ID Bracelet For NICU Babies

Neonatal Loving Kare’s Infant ID Bracelets for NICU babies (patent pending) come in extremely soft, flame retardant material that is extra gentle on the skin of newborns and preemies. This infant ID bracelet for scanning has a soft plastic window to slide the baby’s ID and barcode into. The plastic window will protect the baby’s information from getting wet. It can be repositioned from ankles to wrists and is adjustable. The plastic window size is 1" x 3" or 1 ½" x ¾". We can custom make infant ID bracelets to your particular needs and barcode size if one of the two standard sizes below does not meet your needs.

Neonatal Loving Kare Infant ID Bracelets for NICU Babies

Newborn Size ID Bracelet:  Wraps around the newborn’s ankle or wrist and is adjustable. Any excess can easily be cut off for size. Slide baby information with barcode under plastic and attach. For single use only.

Preemie Size ID Bracelet:  Wraps around the preemie’s ankle or wrist and is adjustable. Slide preemie information with bar code under plastic and attach. The information part of the name tag "hangs" from the adjustable strap, giving the option of laying the tag on the bed or hanging it over the baby’s boundaries so the preemie doesn't have to be woken up to scan the tag. For single use only.

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